Automated App Packaging

To kick off your app packaging, CAPTURE spins up a virtual packaging pool and inserts source media into the Virtual Machine. Directly after the discovery process is finished, the product owner or a delegate can see the product automatically be created in App-V format or choose AppVolumes. Depending on the file type of your injected source media, CAPTURE will use the original or generate an intermediate .MSI from any .exe or .zip file. 

Access CAPTURE provides full logging support for App-V and MSI and maintains an accurate history as well as all log files for later reporting and analysis. This way, not only the packager has all the information he or she needs, but also management and stakeholders gain operational insights into the progress of the project.

CAPTURE has the capabilities to fix smaller glitches that could prevent an app from being packaged automatically (e.g., if app needs a reboot after installation) and provides future diagnostic abilities. However, if an application is too complex to be automatically packaged, or should the application packaging automation fail for any other reason, your packaging engineers will get notified through a workflow which also provides them with options to facilitate this request manually.

If the app packaging was successful, a different workflow gets kicked off that can give the appropriate UAT tester a much appreciated heads-up. 

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CAPTURE Accelerates Your Packaging

Significantly Faster

Since CAPTURE automates most of the process and creates all required resources for you (incl. notifications), not only is the packaging itself much faster than the manual process, but your packaging is significantly faster.

Step-by-Step Guidance

CAPTURE takes the guesswork out of packaging. Because the packager follows a predefined workflow, there is no wondering what to do next.

Packaging In Bulk

Should you want to automate the packaging of many lower-complexity apps, you can always use the bulk update options!

Robust & Approved Files

As CAPTURE leverages either Microsoft Sequencer or VMWare as its sequencing agent, the outcome is always robust and approved files.