Access is the Enterprise IT Automation Solution that accelerates your IT Transformation through customizable, intelligent and secure automation. Our products are extremely versatile and can be used in many use cases.

Windows 10 Deployments

During a Windows 10 rollout, the average enterprise touches 1,500 apps. Automating this process will significantly reduce your project timeline & cost.

Stateless Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Lower your total cost of ownership and streamline your IT management for more centralized control by moving to Stateless IT.

Improve End User Experience

Eliminate 75% of your IT tickets and proactively improve the stability and performance of your devices by enabling your end users to self-service solutions.

Achieve Evergreen IT

Keep your application estate always certified and notify product owners of upcoming conflicts with the apps as your IT environment changes, e.g., Windows 10 Branching.

There are hundreds of other use cases. Find out which ones would benefit you most!

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Automate Your App Discovery, Packaging, & Testing

Access CAPTURE is the enterprise-ready application discovery, packaging, and testing automation solution. It was designed specifically for IT managers & executives who are frustrated with the inefficiencies of manual application packaging and who want to rely less on outsourcing.

CAPTURE significantly streamlines your IT Transformation projects as well as "Business-as-Usual" management efforts. With its automated documentation creation, non-technical product owners can self-service their own packaging requests using an interactive wizard — reducing the time needed to package an app to mere minutes instead of days.

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Access AGENT

Endpoint Management Automation

Access AGENT is a secure and versatile enterprise IT automation solution that enables you to communicate with, remotely control, or proactively manage thousands of endpoints with a touch of a button — whether that might be to remotely shutdown after a security threat has been detected, ring-fence a growing issue by applying a patch before it becomes a bigger problem, or increasing user productivity with individual PC health scores and recommendations. The possibilities are endless. 

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12 Evergreen IT Automation Strategies


12 Evergreen IT Automation Strategies

Want to embrace Evergreen IT? Here are 12 IT automation strategies to give you a head-start.

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