Accelerated IT Transformation
Through Intelligent & Secure Automation

Designed for strategic-minded IT managers and executives who seek to increase the velocity and agility of their IT organizations, Access IT Automation is the proven enterprise automation solution that helps you automate thousands of tedious, manual tasks while driving change at the same time.



Automation Is More Than Just "Keeping The Lights On"

Access IT Automation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Access Computer Consulting PLC. For over 20 years, we have been providing IT consulting and recruitment services to enterprises around the globe.

We were privileged to gain many valuable insights and experiences but something really stood out to us: More than 80% of IT budgets are spent on maintenance!

While the rest of the world turned to Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Big Data to drive innovation, IT automation solutions focused on maintaining status quo — "keeping the lights on."

We set out to change that! We founded Access IT Automation to create a solution so versatile and agile that it would allow enterprises to not only automate tedious, manual tasks but also to drive forward IT Transformation!

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Management Team

Tony Head

Tony Head, CEO

Tony Head is the founder and CEO of Access PLC. With 34 years of industry experience, Tony has the drive and passion to make sure that whoever we are supplying is the best in class with service and after care that is second to none.

After Tony had a lot of shared experiences with David Halfteck, David Butler, and Nik Maloney, they all had a desire to do things differently...AccessIT Automation was born.

Since launch, our technology has improved with every release, allowing us to dramatically reduce costs and improve productivity in all the major enterprises we’ve had dealings with. I firmly believe we have developed a tool set that is different, has tremendous value and makes life a lot easier for the user.

Outside of work I like to cook, and having worked alongside 2 and 3 star Michelin Chefs, I can see synergies in how they’ve changed our perception of food, to how AccessITAutomation is changing the face of Automation.

David Butler-McAllister

David Butler-McAllister, Chief Operating Officer

David’s career started in finance as a management accountant for the Bank of England, having stumbled into this role whilst originally applying for a position as a Junior Bank Note designer!

Whilst mathematics landed David his 1st Job, David’s personal interests were in The Arts and computing - since the days when 3 and ¼ inch floppy disks were all the rage!

David’s unusual combination of finance mixed with computing and creativity has helped David establish his career further into Technology. David’s technology career has spanned over 20 years working in senior management positions at large Global Banks. David is recognized as an industry leader in Application Management and applied Automation.

David has a history of building large operational teams combined with his entrepreneurial methods of being a thought leader designing and implementing Automation. David co-founded Access IT Automation to share with the world “The Art of the possible”.

Outside of technology David’s passion is drawing and painting when not being a taxi service to his 3 children’s dancing and tennis commitments! David’s is a collector of various pieces of works from his favorite artist Dylan Izaak.

David Halfteck

David Halfteck, Chief Technology Officer

David Halfteck's career in technology started when he was 5 years old, when his dad brought home a Commodore 64, and David started developing computer programs in BASIC!! Since that early start, the technology world has become more sophisticated, but David's passion has remained constant!

Over the past 15 years, David has worked at some of the largest and most prestigious organizations in the financial sector, as a technologist, as well as leading & directing technologists. In a move to forward his career, David started an entrepreneurial journey, co-founding Access IT Automation.

Outside of work, David has an active family life with 3 young children, and is also avid “petrol-head”!

Nik Maloney

Nik Maloney, Software Development Director

Nik is the Software Development Director at Access IT Automation. He has 19 years commercial experience in large-scale IT projects, working for a variety of investment banks, petrochemical companies, and government agencies.

At Access IT Automation he is the director of software development, where he still likes to get his hands dirty as he is heavily involved in the development of our new and existing products and to investigate the latest technologies.

When not working he likes woodworking and going to the gym, dislikes haircuts and calamari!!

Andy Lambros

Andy Lambros, Sales Director

Andy Lambos has served in go-to-market leadership positions for over 25 years, focusing on the acceleration of high-trajectory, early-stage technology businesses.

He is experienced in business expansion, development and the delivery of innovative services and solutions, technology and advisory consulting, ERP, Automation tools and product integration which was demonstrated from his previous position as Managing Director of IBS, Paragon. and

Andy is now responsible for all Sales/Partner strategy, customer acquisition and revenue growth for AccessITAutomation.