Enterprise Application Packaging & Testing Automation

From traditional to modern app packaging & testing, Access Capture can automate every step from discovery, certification, and packaging to testing.

With Evergreen IT becoming the norm when it comes to managing enterprise IT environments, application packaging and testing is (once again) becoming a crucial bottleneck. This process has always been a tedious, labor-intensive, lengthy, and therefore costly process. But now, with the velocity of change rapidly increasing (think Windows 10 updates every six months), application packaging and testing has to be significantly streamlined and accelerated through automation to be able to keep pace.

With Access Capture, you can either automate the entire process end-to-end from application submission (packaging request), discovery, packaging, Quality Assurance (QA) Testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to piloting and deployment/release, or you can integrate Capture into your already existing workflow engine through APIs and utilize our entirely modular approach to fit your needs.


Traditional End-to-End Application Packaging & Testing

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Looking for an end-to-end "Smart Workflow" solution to your application packaging and testing problem? Our traditional UI and smart workflow-driven automation solution is the right solution for you. 


Modern API-Driven Application Packaging & Testing

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Already have workflows in place? Our API-driven, highly modular solution provides you with the flexibility you need while using only the best-in-class application packaging and testing functionality you really need.


Powerful Benefits

  • Automated MSIX/VHD/CIMfs app attach Creation. Package MSIX apps as well as VHD/CIMfs and app attach files from scratch or convert existing app packages using automation. 
  • Documentation Creation. Automate your document creation by letting CAPTURE do it for you. Just install your product and the tool will do the rest for you. 
  • Significant Time Savings. By automating the entire process end-to-end, you can reduce the time required to discover, package, and test your apps from days to minutes!
  • Customizable Workflows. Even the most non-technical product owner can package applications with CAPTURE following the easy-to-use and predefined yet fully customizable workflows.
  • Robust & Approved Files. All of your packaged files are Microsoft and VMWare approved and therefore robust files, so you know you can trust the end product. 
  • Extensive Testing Capabilities. Whether it is automated performance, user acceptance, or end user experience testing, CAPTURE has extensive capabilities to ensure your testing is reliable, yet enjoyable.
  • Added Scalability. Because Access Capture leverages VDI from Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, you can significantly save time to build machines to a clean state and you won't constantly run out of machines. 
  • Choose your infrastructure. Install Access Capture on-premise or host in a hybrid environment or in Azure. In addition, you can deploy your apps whichever way you prefer — whether that is on SCCM, on Intune, or on Windows Virtual Desktop. 

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