Application Discovery

Before an application can be packaged accurately, you will have to gather all of the source media, install instructions, configuration settings and other required technical details (e.g., Windows 10 compatibility). This process is called Application Discovery.

Usually, this is an expensive, resource-hungry, and labor-intensive process for any IT Transformation project. Multiply this by the number of applications in a typical application portfolio (the average enterprise touches 1,500 applications during a standard desktop migration project) and it is easy to imagine why this often becomes a main bottleneck.

Access CAPTURE removes that bottleneck by automating the application discovery process. Product and application owners can self-service and control their discovery using CAPTURE's automated documentation creation feature — reducing the time from uploading the source media to completing the application packaging including documentation from days to just a few minutes.

To kick off your application discovery process, CAPTURE creates four pools of virtual machines during the packaging process:

    • Discovery (non-functional testing with admin rights)
    • Packaging (App-V sequencer with admin rights)
    • Quality assurance (non-functional testing with admin rights)
    • User Assurance Testing (completely locked down machine to simulate an in-production user machine)

The product owner or a delegate then generates a request in Access CAPTURE and uploads their source media which is immediately checked. The output generated per application request is a fully documented installation guide on how to install/setup and configure the product.

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CAPTURE Detects Source Media File Type & Determines Next Steps


For an MSI/MST file, CAPTURE will suggest moving the request on to create an automated App-V using default MSI command line switches.

EXE File

For an EXE file without a silent switch, CAPTURE will create an MSI file with the option to apply command line as part of the discovery process.

Customization Needed

If your file requires more customization during the installation process, CAPTURE will start a virtual machine to conduct application discovery.

Other File Type

If CAPTURE detects any file type other than MSI, MST, or EXE, CAPTURE will suggest a full discovery process to ensure the file is complete and can be automated.