• Certification


    Certification Test

    Certification Testing

    On The Path To Evergreen IT

    Before you can start your application discovery process, it is advisable to run a quick certification test for suitability for the new environment, e.g., if you are planning to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

    This certification is especially relevant in Evergreen IT scenarios or for Windows-as-a-Service. Access CAPTURE can maintain a list of product dependencies: For example, if some of your apps require the .NET Framework and the new upcoming Windows branch update impacts a new version of the .NET Framework, CAPTURE will notify the relevant product owners and inform them if their existing product version requires testing and possibly re-certification.

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  • Analyze


    Analysis of Data

    Analysis Of Discovered Data

    Creating Automatable Files

    Before an application can be packaged accurately, you will have to gather all of the source media, install instructions, configuration settings, and other technical details. This process is called Application Discovery.

    Usually, this is an expensive, resource-hungry, and labor-intensive process for any IT Transformation project. Multiply this by the number of applications in a typical application portfolio or program (on average an enterprise will need to touch 1,500 applications during a standard desktop migration) and it is easy to imagine why this often becomes the main bottleneck.

    With Access CAPTURE, the product owner or a delegate can self-service an application packaging request and upload the relevant source media. As the files get uploaded, CAPTURE immediately checks them and decides what to do with them. 

    If it detects an MSI/MST file, CAPTURE will suggest moving the request on to create an automated App-V using default MSI command line switches. If your source media is an EXE file without a silent switch, CAPTURE will create an MSI file with the option to apply command line as part of the discovery process.

    For any other files or for installation processes that require customization, the product owners can utilize CAPTURE to start a virtual machine to conduct a more in-depth application discovery.

    The output generated per application request is a fully documented installation guide on how to install/setup and configure the product.

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  • Packaging


    Automated App Packaging

    Automate App Packaging

    Intelligent, Workflow-Driven End-to-End Packaging Automation 

    CAPTURE handles the entire app packaging process through a predefined, yet highly customizable workflow which enables non-technical product owners to package their own apps themselves. From spinning up a virtual packaging pool and inserting the source media, to automatically creating the product in App-V format or choosing AppVolumes, CAPTURE has got your back. 

    Because of this workflow, CAPTURE's technical makeup and its abilities to fix smaller glitches by itself, you will always have robust and approved files as an outcome. Thanks to its full logging support for App-V and MSI, you have all the data and insight you need and your management can gain operational insights into the progress of the project at any time.

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  • Testing

    Testing & QA

    Testing and Packaging

    Testing Validation & Quality Assurance Improvements

    Non-Functional & Performance Testing

    Testing can quickly become one of the biggest bottlenecks in any desktop migration remediation program. CAPTURE eliminates this by streamlining and automating the testing process by deploying a configurable, all-in-one workflow. This workflow takes assigned responsibilities and your corporate security roles into account to establish guardrails for the entire testing and packaging. 

    Ensure your applications are in compliance with corporate policies, that they load and run without any errors, and don't exceed any predefined performance thresholds. CAPTURE will record the outcome of this test (success/failure) and reroute the app forward for further UAT testing or backward to the packaging stage for investigation.

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  • UAT

    UAT Controls

    CAPTURE Testing

    User Acceptance Testing

    Evidence-Based, Low Footprint Testing

    Before your app can be released into deployment, you will need to perform more advanced testing under realistic working conditions to ensure that it works alongside other products and applications.

    Access CAPTURE automates this process by creating all necessary components and walking the tester through this UAT process with the help of an interactive wizard. The engineer can leverage the tool to take screenshots or comment — making the process not only more effective but also much more enjoyable for the tester.

    Because CAPTURE leveraged virtual environments, the required resources are immediately ready for testing and once their UAT is complete, the machine can be wiped or killed off instantly — allowing you to hold parallel UAT sessions.

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  • Release


    User Training

    User Testing & Signoff

    Train Thousands Of End Users Instantly

    No need to walk the floors and confirm that favorites are installed correctly! CAPTURE offers another much deeper (and faster) level of testing: end-user acceptance testing. As soon as your user launches his or her machine for the first time, Access AGENT is launched and prompts a wizard loaded with preconfigured questions confirming the user’s personal configurations and settings.

    This way, you can instantly train your end users, ask them to sign off after they've tried out all relevant features, collect the most common issues (and resolve them quickly) as well as measure end user happiness with your project.

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  • Enable


    Release App to Appstore

    Enable Control Of App Entitlement 

    Release Your App To Authorized Users

    After your newly packaged or repackaged application is tested and released, you have to make it visible to authorized users in your corporate app store. 

    To ensure the product is maintained and up-to-date, this may require an associated forward path for various platform types of specific products. In addition, you will have to put in place adequate security and licensing request workflows to enable access to the product.

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Documentation Creation

Documentation Creation

Automate your document creation by letting CAPTURE do it for you. Just install your product and the tool will do the rest for you. 

Time Savings

Significant Time Savings

By automating the entire process end-to-end, you can reduce the time required to discover, package and test your apps from days to minutes!

Custom Workflows

Customizable Workflows

Even the most non-technical product owner can package applications with CAPTURE following the easy-to-use and predefined yet fully customizable workflows.

Approved Files

Robust & Approved Files

All of your packaged files are Microsoft and VMWare approved and therefore robust files, so you know you can trust the end product. 

Added Scalability

Because CAPTURE leverages VDI, you can significantly save time to rebuild machines to a clean state and you won't constantly run out of machines. 
Testing Capabilities

Extensive Testing Capabilities

Whether it is automated performance, user acceptance or end user experience testing, CAPTURE has extensive capabilities to ensure your testing is reliable, yet enjoyable.


How We Accelerated Windows 10 Deployment by 65%

We implemented Access CAPTURE in a major US bank to automate the discovery, packaging, and testing of more than 2,000 applications within just a few weeks. As part of this Windows 10 rollout, we were able to free up more than 50% of the headcount previously dedicated to application management tasks.

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