Accelerate Your Application Packaging & Testing Process Through End-to-End Automation

Your Traditional End-to-End App Packaging & Testing Process — Just Better & Faster

Traditionally, application packaging and testing is a rigid, labor-intensive, and lengthy process — making it costly and frustrating to deal with. With Access Capture's end-to-end automation solution, not only can you automate and therefore significantly accelerate your entire application packaging and testing process, but you can also customize it to fit your needs. Rather than treating every application the same, Access Capture consumes various submission inputs differently, e.g., setup.exe will be turned into an MSI in the discovery process while your raw CI/CD pipeline code skips discovery and tollgate scans and goes straight to packaging to create a digitally signed MSIX. The output is always a robust application package (MSI, AppV, MSIX, or app attach) that conforms to your internal packaging standards and corporate and security policies.



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    App Discovery & Documentation Creation

    For any setup.exe or not yet Evergreen-managed applications, discovery will be your starting point. Even the most non-technical product owner can now package an application and create complete and robust documentation by walking through the actual installation and automatic documentation creation process via screen captures recording all keystrokes and clicks. 

    Access Capture ensures accurate packaging conditions by gathering all of the required source media, install instructions, configuration settings, and other essential technical details (e.g., Windows 10 compatibility). This is done by self-service putting control in the hands of the app owners while enforcing full compliance with your internal IT policies and guidelines. The output generated per application request is a robust MSI package and a fully documented installation guide on how to install/setup and configure the product. This reduces the time — from uploading the source media to completing the application packaging (including documentation) — from days to just a few minutes.

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    Application Packaging

    Whether you are packaging an MSI or AppV into an MSIX or converting a group (Blob) of files, folder, and registries or setup.exe to an MSIX from a DevOps CI/CD or Jenkins pipeline, Access Capture streamlines this process without having to use a virtual machine to snapshot it. This means that not only are there no host pool or virtual machines required but also that the package creation will only package the loose files or setup routine without any other unnecessary noise being captured making it a much more autonomous and hands/edit-free capture.

    Access Capture handles the entire app packaging process through a predefined, yet highly customizable workflow which enables non-technical product owners to package their own apps themselves. Because of this workflow, Access Capture's technical makeup, and its abilities to fix smaller glitches by itself, you will always have robust and approved files (e.g., MSIX, app attach, VHD) as an outcome. Thanks to its full logging support, you have all the data and insight you need and your management can gain operational insights into the progress of the project at any time.

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    QA Testing


    Quality Assurance & Other Non-Functional Testing

    After your applications are successfully packaged, Access Capture will quickly test any SCCM delivered MSI or App-V, AppV management console delivering App-V, or InTune delivering MSI, MSIX or app attach to ensure everything works as it should (e.g., a test account added to an Active Directory Security group). This non-functional Quality Assurance (QA) Testing is an important tollgate before you invest in further, more functional testing.

    In addition to QA Testing, Access Capture also allows application owners to automatically launch and load test their in-scope applications to confirm that work is expected on the environment they are testing for as well as performance testing to track a large variety of performance KPIs to determine how suitable an app is for a certain environment scenario (e.g., VDI).

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    UAT & EUX Testing


    Functional UAT & EUX Testing

    Testing can quickly become one of the biggest bottlenecks in any desktop migration remediation program. CAPTURE eliminates this by streamlining and automating the testing process by deploying a configurable, all-in-one workflow. This workflow takes assigned responsibilities and your corporate security roles into account to establish guardrails for the entire testing and packaging. 

    With Access Capture, you can automatically perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) as well as End User Experience (EUX) Testing. UAT is similar to QA testing but rather than a machine, a real user will install and test the app in production. All results and logs (e.g., screenshots, video, and any questions asked), app performance, and Windows 10 version records are all automatically captured. EUX Testing let your users sign-off on a successful migration with our automated end user experience testing module, SignOff. Available as an integral part of the Access Capture workflow or as a standalone module, SignOff allows users to try out and sign off on new functionality using a pre-scripted wizard-driven UI.

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    Pilot & Release


    Pilot & Release

    After your newly packaged or repackaged application is tested, application owners can pilot the application in a real production environment before releasing it by making it visible to authorized users in your corporate app store. Of course, you have full deployment flexibility - whether you want to deploy your app as an AppV, using Intune (MSIX and Win32) or using SCCM (MSIX, app attach, AppV) and soon Windows Virtual Desktop. To ensure the product is maintained and up-to-date, this may require an associated forward path for various platform types of specific products. In addition, you will have to put in place adequate security and licensing request workflows to enable access to the product.



Automated App Discovery & Documentation Creation


Automated App Attach Creation


User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Outputs


How We Accelerated Windows 10 Deployment by 65%

We implemented Access CAPTURE in a major US bank to automate the discovery, packaging, and testing of more than 2,000 applications within just a few weeks. As part of this Windows 10 rollout, we were able to free up more than 50% of the headcount previously dedicated to application management tasks.

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Central Management = Increased Efficiency 

To increase the efficiency of automation, Capture centrally manages and controls the records and policy files (e.g., user profiles, including all regional settings, colors) of every product and app in a newly created or existing Change Management Database.


Self-Service For App Owners While Maintaining Control

Ensure your apps are in compliance with your corporate and IT policies and have full confidence that they load and run without any errors and without exceeding any predefined performance thresholds — all while empowering your app owners!


Enterprise Scalability & Full Flexibility

With Access Capture you are getting the best of both worlds: you can fully customize the smart workflows to work with your environment and infrastructure while being able to scale up and down instantly as Capture requires minimal resources.


Significant Time Savings

By automating the entire application packaging and testing process end-to-end, you can reduce the time required to discover, scan, package, test, and enable your apps from days to minutes!


Robust & Approved Packages

You know you can trust the end product because all your Access Capture-packaged files are Microsoft and VMWare approved. In addition, all MSIX are digitally signed as part of the packaging process.


Extensive Testing Capabilities

Whether it is automated performance, user acceptance, or end user experience testing, Access Capture has extensive testing capabilities to ensure your testing is reliable, yet enjoyable for non-tech users.

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