• Help Desk



    Use Pre-Built Or Custom Fixes

    A central library of fixes to common issues

    By leveraging Access Fix Engine's out-of-the-box repository of more than 80 standard fixes, end-users can immediately run a fix with the click of a button.

    Over time, your team can add custom fix scripts to the repository to provide self-help options for your most common IT issues.

    These fixes can be presented to the end-user as part of a knowledge base article, a Skype chat, or even embedded within a chatbot response.

    When clicked on, the fix will pop-up and take the user through an intuitive interface to resolve the issue. Alternatively, the fix can also be run remotely by an admin on one or multiple machines/users.

  • Self-Healing



    Proactive & Preventive Issue Resolutions

    Fix issues before they become bigger problems

    The ability to stop easy-to-fix IT issues before they become widespread, potentially business-disrupting epidemics is essential for any organization that wants to stay competitive.

    Should you detect a reoccurring problem, e.g., Word crashing because of a new add-in, you can proactively apply a fix silently (without the user ever knowing that there was a problem) or in cooperation with the end user with or without elevated rights through sending an email with a clickable link or by enabling self-service,  and even cached to run offline.

    Admins can package fixes to the repository and deploy them to the single devices as well as parts or your entire IT environment within minutes using Fix Engine's intuitive management console. These fixes can be a PowerShell, VB, Windows Script, an app and more. 

  • IT Transformation



    Specify Your Target Endpoints

    As Broad Or Granular As Needed

    Fixes can come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, FixEngine is built to allow you maximum flexibility of how you can deploy and execute them. You can target your fixes to specific:

    - Endpoints,
    - Users,
    - Active Directory Queries,
    - UX Monitoring Alarms, and 
    - CMDB Queries.

    To choose your endpoints, you can copy and paste a list of IP addresses and FQDNs, specify the type of endpoint, and/or include certain domains or operating systems. This can be as granular or broad as you need it to be.

  • Security

    Incident vs.
    Problem Management


    Fix Underlying Problems

    Not Just Put Out Fires

    Oftentimes, when an IT ticket gets raised, the support agent is under pressure to resolve the issue and restore service as quickly as possible to meet Service Level Agreements. However, this often doesn't fix the underlying problem — it just resolves this immediate incident. 

    While FixEngine is used for Incident Management all the time, it also can help you alleviate to root cause of the IT failure on a permanent basis to prevent other users from encountering the same issues. It will help you identify and troubleshoot it, document the issue and its causes and, of course, resolve it.

  • User Productivity



    Act Upon Outside Triggers

    Trigger Listeners and Responders

    Access FixEngine’s triggers are slightly different from triggers used in the context of Access Agent. For example, Citrix would trigger FixEngine to run a fix, which makes FixEngine the recipient of a trigger whereas Access Agent is the sender of a trigger.

  • Evergreen IT



    Security & Compliance

    Protect all your endpoints reactively and proactively

    Unfortunately, massive data breaches, cryptoviral extortion crimes, and other malicious attacks are on the agenda of every corporate IT team. In fact, IBM's CEO sees cyber crime as the greatest threat to every company in the world. But it doesn't stop here. In addition to external threats, companies have to deal with security and data leaks because of their BYOD policies, disgruntled employees stealing proprietary corporate data and careless use of hotspots and weak passwords.

    With Access Symphony, you can not only quickly react to actual threats (e.g., by remotely shutting down all devices in case of an attack), but also proactively improve the health of your IT environment (e.g., by giving your users recommendations based on individual health scores) and force employees to comply with corporate security guidelines and policies (e.g., by remotely disabling printing). You can communicate with thousands of targeted endpoints or roll out patches to your entire IT estate within seconds — significantly reducing the risk on each endpoint.

    Also, Access Symphony is enterprise-level secure: G-Cloud 12 and UK Government Digital Service approved as well as Windows 10 Ready. It also has undergone advanced penetration testing but a Swiss bank could not identify any security issues.

Effective IT

Eliminate 1,000s of Support Tickets

Access Fix Engine allows you to eliminate thousands of IT tickets from ever being created by leveraging smart IT automation. IT teams can proactively and reactively self-heal emerging IT issues before they become epidemic, and package as well as apply fixes to single devices, some machines, or the entire estate within minutes. 

Realtime Communication

Empower Self-Service

With Access Fix Engine's innovative self-service option, end users are able to bypass contacting IT for numerous fixes. This decreases your ticket resolution workload significantly, keeps end users more productive, and allows you to focus on innovation and digital transformation to stay competitive.

User Productivity

Significant Hard Cost Savings

Fix Engine delivers substantial cost savings by reducing the number of tickets raised, e.g., one financial institution reduced their spending by $320,000 in the first year. As the library of fixes in the Fix Engine Repository increases, so does the efficiency of IT and the end users. The amount of time saved helps to counteract the fact that average IT spending per user has dipped to its lowest level in five years, at $6,843.

User Adoption

Increased Productivity & Other Soft Savings

Yearly, IT issues prevent employees from doing work for 2 full days and cause them to be unproductive for 6! This problem is aggravated by the fact that employees would rather clean toilets than call IT. With Access Fix Engine, many of those issues are solved before they become noticeable. Should a user run into a hiccup, they can easily self-service a fix with a few clicks of an intuitive pop-up.


Do More With Fewer Hands

With Fix Engine, many IT issues can be solved either automatically, by the end user, or remotely by IT, so less support staff is needed, freeing up those IT resources to spend on capital expenditures.

Evergreen IT - BAU

Business As Usual/Evergreen IT

Because it fits into your existing and future IT environment, is highly adaptable, and helps you automate reoccurring tasks, it provides you with a crucial building block to achieving Evergreen IT. 


75% Fewer IT Tickets Created

We helped a major global bank — our largest implementation with more than 100K endpoints — roll out Access Symphony in a matter of weeks. Not only did the IT team achieve their IT helpdesk cost saving targets, but they also significantly improved their end user experience and productivity.

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