• Help Desk

    Help Desk


    IT Helpdesk Ticket Automation

    75% Fewer Helpdesk Tickets

    With IT tickets costing anywhere from $15 to $49 a pop, many enterprise IT teams are looking to significantly lower the number of help desk tickets.

    With Access Symphony, you can eliminate up to 75% of potential tickets by helping your end users to help themselves! If they run into a known problem, Access Symphony will determine, evaluate, and attempt to fix the issue.

    Access Symphony comes preloaded with an ever-expanding repository of generic high-level fixes and pieces of automation out-of-the-box. Of course, you can add your own custom fixes and leverage your corporate knowledge base and ticket management system as well.

    This not only enables you to decrease your helpdesk cost, ticket turnaround time, and staff requirements but also allows you greater insights into IT problems — putting you in the driver's seat.

  • Proactive Resolution


    Adding an Addin Trigger

    Proactive Issue Resolution

    Fix Small Issues Before They Spread

    In larger organizations, seemingly small headaches can turn into mission-critical dilemmas within minutes. For example, a small glitch preventing Outlook from starting up could stall your email communication completely.

    Therefore, Access Access Symphony will proactively monitor your Windows and VDI environments leveraging its 30 unique, built-in triggers and 9 listeners. Should an issue arise, Access Symphony can attempt to automatically apply proactive patches or reactive self-healing fixes, which allows you to completely ring-fence and eliminate such a problem within seconds!

    Using built-in listeners and responders, Access Fix Engine can detect events (triggers) and execute an Addin for that particular event.

    There are several types of triggers such as machine and OS triggers, e.g., a change to the registry key or change to a file on disk, process triggers (when a process exceeds a set resource threshold, i.e., too much memory or CPU) and remote triggers, e.g., an Addin can be run by having a message sent across the network


  • IT Transformation

    Accelerated IT

    Adding an Addin Assignment

    Accelerated IT Transformation 

    Accelerate Your IT Transformation With UAT Automation 

    IT Transformation projects, such as a Windows 10 migration, involves juggling thousands of complex interdependencies and countless tedious and labor-intensive tasks. Thankfully, most of these tasks can be automated with the right tools.

    In addition to Access Capture's ability to automate your application discovery, packaging, and testing, Access Symphony provides you with full user acceptance testing (UAT) capabilities.

    To test platform acceptance of your Windows 10 migration, for example, you can use Access Symphony to confirm that all personal configurations and important features have been migrated correctly. Once the user logs on to their newly migrated device for the first time, they are greeted by a popup walking them through each checkpoint. The workflow ends with the user signing off — confirming migration success.

    This will indirectly train your users, track any arising post-migration problems, and increase adoption. It also integrates with third-party IT Transformation Management Tools, such as Juriba Dashworks, to determine which users to target.

  • Security

    Addins &

    Fix Engine #1

    Target Automaton Where Needed

    Through Addins and Integrations  

    In Access Fix Engine, an Addin is a piece of automation that can be assigned to users or machines based on a set of rules. These rules range from the type of machine (i.e., laptop, VDI, server), to the location of a user or machine, the user's organization, etc.

    To complement an Addin, Fix Engine integrates with 3rd-party systems such as Microsoft Active Directory, SysTrack, Aternity, UberAgent, and Juriba Dashworks.

    Between using an Addin and integrating with key systems, you can target automation where it is needed within your IT environment.

  • User Productivity


    Symphony Help #4

    Increase User Productivity

    Improved System Stability & Performance

    Did you know that 83% of Millennials become very distracted when their computer is slow to respond? They will get a drink, go on Facebook or make a personal call — and the company loses 20 minutes of productive time because of a 60-second delay! 

    By using Access Symphony, you can improve your endpoint's system stability, speed, and performance — resulting in less downtime and increased productivity. You can set thresholds for key performance indicators (e.g., CPU usage or free disk space) and push notifications including specific recommendations based on the user's individual health scores. 

  • Evergreen IT

    Evergreen IT

    Access Symphony Manager

    User Experience Testing & Signoff

    Train Thousands Of End Users Instantly

    No need to walk the floors and confirm that favorites are installed correctly! Access Capture offers another much deeper (and faster) level of testing: end-user acceptance testing. As soon as your user launches their machine for the first time, Access Symphony is launched and prompts a wizard loaded with preconfigured questions confirming the user’s personal configurations and settings.

    This way, you can instantly train your end users, ask them to sign off after they've tried out all relevant features, collect the most common issues (and resolve them quickly) as well as measure end user happiness with your project.

Access Symphony Dashboard
Effective IT

Fewer Tickets = More Effective IT 

By automating the majority of IT tickets, you can focus on proactive problem management and innovation! Your team is more productive, decreasing your turn-around time and cost per ticket. 

Realtime Communication

Targeted Realtime Communication 

Access Symphony can proactively or reactively be used to resolve issues. You can use the live chat feature, real-time push notifications or targeted communication to get in touch with one or thousands of end users.

User Productivity

Higher User Productivity

As your endpoint performance, system stability, and speed improves with the help of Access Symphony, your end users experience less downtime resulting in higher productivity and fewer costly distractions.

User Adoption

High Adoption Rates

Because Access Symphony can be fully branded, is centrally controlled, intuitive and easy-to-use, end users love to interact with the tool and often take a more proactive approach in keeping their device healthy and secure. 


Plays Well With Others

Access Symphony supports a wide range of Windows environments as well as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and allows pure automation on desktops, terminals, thin clients, servers, and Windows-embedded devices. It also integrates out-of-the-box with SysTrack, ServiceNow, and other Microsoft systems.

Evergreen IT - BAU

Business As Usual / Evergreen IT

Because Access Symphony fits into your existing and future IT environment, is highly adaptable and helps you automate reoccurring tasks, it provides you with a crucial building block to achieving Evergreen IT or Business as Usual. 


75% Fewer IT Tickets Created

We helped a major global bank — our largest implementation with more than 100K endpoints — roll out Access Symphony in a matter of weeks. Not only did the IT team achieve their IT helpdesk cost saving targets, but they also significantly improved their end user experience and productivity.

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