Self-Service Packaging & Testing For Developers

Accelerate App Development By Empowering Your Developers Through Self-Service

Give your developers the tooling they need to manage their applications — from discovery to app release — by themselves. Access Capture's automated packaging and testing solutions let developers create their own application packages, virtualize (App-V) and containerize them using MSIX. They also can design and execute automated non-functional and functional testing (User Acceptance Testing) using smart workflows and self-service. And, of course, it integrates into your agile development best practices.

Streamline & Accelerate Development

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Significantly Faster

Developers can discover, package, and test their applications by themselves in hours rather than days or weeks without involving IT.


Significantly Cheaper

Instead of having to send apps to a packaging team, developers can significantly reduce their app management budget by doing it themselves.

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Approved By IT

Enjoy all the benefits of managing your apps independently while complying with your corporate IT policies and guidelines.

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Evergreen IT

Faster technology change requires more frequent application packaging and testing. By doing it yourself, you stay agile and able to adapt.


Application Submission Request

Use self-service to raise a request to package the application in preparation for distribution to your technology or operations team.



Application Packaging (MSI/MSIX)

Create your own app packages (MSI, MSIX) using smart workflows and automation, e.g., AppAttach, automatic documentation creation.



Application QA (Non-Functional Testing)

Make sure your application installs, opens, functions, closes, and uninstalls properly by doing your own quality assurance.


Application Suitability Testing

Search through your application's components or composites to determine its suitability for platform changes, e.g., VDI.



Application Virtualization (App-V)

Virtualizing your apps has never been easier. Access Capture automatically creates your app as an App-V.



User Acceptance (Functional) Testing

Test your app under realistic working conditions to ensure that it works alongside other apps with evidence-based, low footprint UAT.


Application Discovery (.Doc & .MSI)

Automatically gather all source media, install instructions, configuration settings, and other technical requirements and more.


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Application Containerization (MSIX)

Containerize an app by packaging it as an MSIX to separate the app state from system state (AppAttach) while maintaining compatibility.



Application Release/Request

After packaging and testing your app, make it visible to authorized users in your corporate app store in an IT approved way.


Empower Your Development Team Today

We implemented Access CAPTURE in a major US bank to automate the discovery, packaging, and testing of more than 2,000 applications within just a few weeks. As part of this Windows 10 rollout, we were able to free up more than 50% of the headcount previously dedicated to application management tasks.

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