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Access IT Automation provides developers with all the tools they need to develop better applications faster — without having to rely on IT at all times. With our application management solution, developers can discover, package, test, and release applications themselves using self-service and automation. For automated testing, developers can choose whether they prefer to use smart workflows or APIs. In addition, analytics management provides them with real-time monitoring, triggers, listeners, alerts, and notifications.


Application Management

Give your developers the tooling they need to manage their applications — from discovery to app release — by themselves. Access Capture's automated packaging and testing solutions let developers create their own application packages, virtualize (App-V) and containerize them using MSIX.

They also can design and execute automated non-functional and functional testing (User Acceptance Testing) using smart workflows and self-service. And, of course, it integrates into your agile development best practices.



Analytics Management

Developers are often ignored when it comes to providing analytics management. With Access Symphony's Analytics Management solutions for Developers, you'll always have your finger on the pulse of your environment.

You can monitor your environment with the use of internal and external triggers (that could be set to execute a specific fix based on pre-defined criteria) as well as built-in listeners to spot anything out-of-the-ordinary. You can also set up alerts and real-time notifications so you can respond before the problem escalates. 


DeveloperTestingManagement (2)

Testing Management

For developers who prefer to use smart workflows over using APIs for their application testing, Access Capture provides everything a developer needs to do traditional as well as Evergreen IT testing in a smart, workflow-driven way. This includes non-functional testing, performance testing, smoke testing (with video output), and user experience testing, as well as certification testing and DevOps testing.

By providing your developers with the tools they need to perform all necessary tests themselves, you not only free up your app testing team but also accelerate your development timeline and improve your output quality. 



API Testing Management

For developers who prefer to integrate APIs into their Agile best practices rather than use smart workflows, Access Capture offers an alternative: APIs for Developers. Developers can use these APIs as they can use container technology, such as Docker and Kubernetes.

This comprehensive Evergreen IT testing solution for developers includes everything from Virtual Machine (VM) management, application discovery, and application packaging to User Acceptance Testing components such as smoke testing and performance testing.


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