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Developers are often ignored when it comes to providing analytics management. With Access Symphony's Analytics Management solutions for Developers, you'll always have your finger on the pulse of your environment. You can monitor your environment with the use of internal and external triggers (that could be set to execute a specific fix based on pre-defined criteria) as well as built-in listeners to spot anything out-of-the-ordinary. You can also set up alerts and real-time notifications so you can respond before the problem escalates. 

Crucial Insights For Developers

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Higher Productivity

Recent studies have shown that remotely working employees lose 14% of productivity despite working longer . With Access, you cannot only prevent productivity loss, but boost productivity.

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Always In Control

Whether your employees are online or offline, you are always in control. Remotely lock or restart a device, force or defer updates, fix IT issues and security vulnerabilities and much more.

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Better User Experience

Users like to be in charge of their own devices. With Access, they can take responsibility for their device's health, performance, and stability — while having the best EUX possible.


Cost Savings

Successful Work-From-Anywhere management results in a variety of hard and soft cost savings, e.g., by eliminating up to 75% of support tickets, device cost savings, and license savings. 



Keep a close eye on your estate at all times. With our built-in listeners, you can monitor your environment for anything extraordinary and respond before the problem escalates. 



Alerts & Notification

Instantly receive alerts and notifications if predefined thresholds are met or exceeded or events occurred. This way you always have eyes and ears on your entire estate at all times. 



Automate labor-intensive reoccurring tasks of your maintenance and Evergreen IT management tasks.

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Monitor internal and external triggers, e.g., machine/OS, process, and remote triggers. For example, Citrix could trigger Access Symphony to run a specific fix based on pre-defined criteria. 

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Empowering your developers is easy. Access Symphony can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of the Access Symphony Platform on a subscription license or perpetual based license. It requires no additional infrastructure investments. 

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