Achieving Evergreen IT Isn't As Easy As Moving To The Cloud

It Requires Organizational, Technological, And Process Change

The complexity of today's IT landscapes has skyrocketed compared to only ten years ago. Now, IT teams have to balance on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments, business units create Shadow IT organizations that threaten IT budgets as well as security strategies and policies and the pace of update cycles has increased from years to mere months. 

Take Windows-as-a-Service as an example: Within just 12 months, Microsoft will have released two new OS versions and three new SCCM versions. This in turn requires testing all your apps for Windows 10 compatibility and re-packaging and re-testing if necessary. Without adequate automation and management tools this would be impossible!

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Why Your Evergreen IT Strategy Needs Automation


Remain In Control

Evergreen IT creates a more liquid state of co-existence than traditional IT management — which is hard to control without the right testing and management tools. 


Keep Your Apps Certified

The average desktop migration project touches thousands of apps — you need a way to quickly test, certify, or deal with any issues that might arise from any updates.


Apply Targeted Fixes Quickly

Use automation to ring-fence smaller issues before they become bigger problems by applying fixes to your entire user base or single users — keeping your estate up-to-date.


Keep Your Application Estate Certified As Things Change

Windows-as-a-Service And Other Frequently Updated Dependencies Can Drain Resources For Testing

It is crucial that all of your applications are tested and recertified if the environment they operate in changes to ensure they work properly, e.g., with a new Windows 10 Branch Update.

Access CAPTURE will run all relevant apps through quick suitability testing and, if needed, reroute them with the help of a workflow to their responsible product owners for repackaging and recertification. 

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