Eliminate 75% of IT Support Tickets By Automating Self Service

Most Employees Prefer Resolving An IT Issue Themselves Over Asking IT To Fix It — With Access Symphony They Can

The vast majority of help desk tickets consist of known issues that already have been fixed before. With Access Symphony, your end users can click on a wizard installed on their desktop which quickly identifies the issue and finds a solution by guiding them through all the steps towards resolving the problem. 

While this end-to-end workflow comes preloaded with the most common fixes already, it can be fully customized and linked up to your corporate knowledge base. Symphony will only create a ticket if the problem cannot be resolved. This way, your users feel empowered to quickly resolve most issues themselves while knowing that your team is ready to jump in if more advanced problem solving is required.

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Why Empowering Your End User Is Crucial


More Than Half Of Your Workforce Are Now Millennials

Millennials have no patience when it comes to slow file uploads or login delays. They instantly get distracted from the task at hand — costing your organization precious productivity time. 


Avoid Shadow IT Help Desks With Central Management

While Shadow IT isn't new, more business units also maintain and service these unauthorized applications. By empowering your user through a central console, you can help keep IT service more controlled.


Empower Your End Users To Be More Proactive

Enabling and encouraging your organization's employees to take a (pro)active role in improving the health, security, and stability of their devices is more powerful than any other IT initiative can ever be.


Empower Your End Users With Health Scores & Recommendations

Using Big Data And Our Intelligent Symphony Tool

Most of your end users would love to do something to improve their battery life or ensure that their device can operate at its full capacity — but they don't know how!

Access Symphony provides them with an individual health score and easy-to-understand recommendations to improve this score. They can click on each suggestion and the tool walks them through resolution steps to improve this particular aspect. As their score improves over time, end users can see the results, giving them a sense of pride and ownership!

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