Digital Experience Management Isn't Possible Without Technological Empowerment Of Your Employees

When it comes to application packaging and testing or enterprise service management, the needs, requirements, and preferences of the actual end users, your employees, are often ignored. Traditionally, these functions were fulfilled by specialized IT teams, like application packaging factories, and end users had little or no ability to manage these tasks without the help or those teams.

However, with the pace of technology change accelerating and the importance of end user experience skyrocketing, many enterprises are looking to empower their employees to self-service these tasks with minimal IT interaction by automating them. The results are not only higher employee satisfaction and better user experience, but also tangibly higher productivity.

Access IT Automation has a portfolio of easy-to-use employee-facing solutions to help with that - encompassing application packaging and testing, enterprise service management, remote employee management, and remote employee training.


Application Management

Skip the back and forth, frustration, and long waiting times by empowering your application or product owners to manage their applications themselves using self-service and automation - and save time and money in the process. 

With Access Application Management for Employees, your employees can do everything they need to from submitting an app packaging request to releasing the app into production without having to bother IT, yet while always staying in compliance with IT policies.


Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management

Employees don't like calling IT support. Consequently, IT issues aren't fixed (correctly) resulting in loss of productivity or the creation of rogue Shadow IT organizations.

With Access IT Automation, you can enable your end users to fix their own IT issues as they occur using a wizard-driven automation solution. This allows them to not only fix occurring issues quickly but also to avoid creating expensive IT tickets while taking charge of their IT experience.



Remote Worker Management

The majority of organizations have shifted their focus to defining a robust "Work-From-Anywhere" strategy aiming to provide employees with the best end user technology experience possible. Empowering your employees to self-diagnose and fix the vast majority of common IT issues themselves, as well as giving them more responsibility for the health, performance, and stability of their device is crucial in making any Work-From-Home strategy work successfully. 



Remote Employee Training

IT issues can result in security vulnerabilities, higher licensing costs, and increased maintenance and IT complexity - something that is only exacerbated in a remote work environment.

By training your remote employees carefully and intelligently whenever you push an upgrade into your environment, you can not only avoid many of these issues but ensure your end users are using the new productivity features.


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