Streamline Your Operations With Smart Automation & Insights

In this digital, fast-paced world, only organizations with well-managed IT estates can thrive as they are able to react and adapt quickly enough. To keep this machine running smoothly, IT operations managers always need to know what is going on in their environment, be able to act fast and decisively, and take proactive and reactive steps to keep minor issues from becoming larger problems and possibly wreaking havoc. 

By allowing them to discover, package, and test applications themselves, self-diagnose and fix occurring IT issues, closely monitor the entire IT environment and proactively or reactively intervene, and much more, you empower your operations team to take full control with confidence.

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Application Management

Skip the back and forth, frustration, and long waiting times by empowering your operations team to manage applications themselves using self-service and automation — helping you to get your job done faster.

With Access Application Management for Operations, your Ops team members can do everything they need to, from submitting an app packaging request to releasing the app into production, without having to bother IT, and yet always staying in compliance with IT policies.


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Enterprise Service Management

Access IT Automation's Enterprise Service Management solution for Operations transforms the impact, speed, and delivery of IT, e.g., by enabling Ops team members to self-diagnose an issue and execute a fix at a click of a button, to be trained indirectly, and to sign off after an upgrade.

Ultimately, this means your more centralized IT will provide amazing services, increase end-user productivity, and achieve new insights with a modern service management solution.


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Analytics Management For Operations

Your job is to be in control, but this can be hard without knowing what exactly is going on at all times. With Access Symphony's Analytics Management solutions for IT Ops teams, you'll always have your finger on the pulse of your environment.

Our built-in listeners and internal and external triggers monitor your environment for anything out of the ordinary. Real-time alerts and notifications let you know if something needs your attention. In addition, you can pro- and re-actively resolve any occurring issues before they become a larger problem and apply out-of-the-box or custom fixes with a click of a button.


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Asset Insights for Operations

IT operations managers always need to know what is going on in their environment. With Access Symphony Professional, you can now proactively manage the stability and health of your environment by being made aware of application-, network-, or infrastructure-related problems and why they are occurring based upon a certain threshold.

For example, you can know if an application is consistently going above certain memory or if incoming VoIP calls are stretching your CPU capacity (which could be fixed by upgrading an app, like Skype) and you can prevent the problems from happening.


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