Automate Your Application Discovery, Packaging, & Testing

Access CAPTURE is the enterprise-ready application discovery, packaging, and testing automation solution. It was designed specifically for IT managers & executives who are frustrated with the inefficiencies of manual application packaging and who want to rely less on outsourcing.

CAPTURE significantly streamlines your IT Transformation projects as well as "Business-as-Usual" management efforts. With its automated documentation creation, non-technical product owners can self-service their own packaging requests using an interactive wizard — reducing the time needed to package an app to mere minutes instead of days.

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Access Symphony

Endpoint Management Automation

Access Symphony is a secure and versatile enterprise IT automation solution that enables you to communicate with, remotely control, or proactively manage thousands of endpoints with a touch of a button — whether that might be to remotely shutdown after a security threat has been detected, ring-fence a growing issue by applying a patch before it becomes a bigger problem, or increasing user productivity with individual PC health scores and recommendations. The possibilities are endless. 

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