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IT Executive Pocket Guide To Modern Application Management

As with any new technology, Modern Application Management comes with some challenges and obstacles to overcome, but it also offers tremendous benefits to those organizations who implement it successfully using end-to-end automation.

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IT Executive Pocket Guide To Modern App Management

Modern App Management comes with challenges. This pocket guide includes everything IT executives need to know to implement an end-to-end automated app packaging, testing, and management successfully.

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eBook: The Future Of App Packaging & Testing Is Evergreen 

Whether it is Win 10, O365, or other apps, everything is moving to Evergreen IT updates. This means re-certifying, and maybe even re-packaging and re-testing every few months. This eBook will show you how to accomplish it.

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IT Automation: The Path To Digital Transformation & Innovation

Almost every organization is embracing Digital Transformation — but without changing IT's focus (and budget) from "Keeping the Lights On" to driving innovation by reducing redundant/manual tasks through IT Automation, they will fail.

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Windows 10 App Packaging & Testing Gotchas Cheat Sheet

With Windows 10 comes a lot of changes — changes that could significantly slow down your application packaging and testing progress. We have compiled a list of the ten most common gotchas, so you know what's coming!

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CFO Pocket Guide To IT Automation

As a strategic-minded executive, you know that automating labor-intensive manual IT processes is the only way to avoid costly bottlenecks and risky business disruptions. This non-technical, fast-to-read pocket guide teaches you everything you need to know about IT Automation.

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IT Project Manager's Guide To Automating Windows 10 Upgrades

Even years after Windows 10 was released, enterprises still struggle to upgrade even once a year to a newer version of Windows 10. This eBook explains how you can automate this process — making it a Business-as-Usual activity.

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12 High-ROI Evergreen IT Automation Strategies

To get you started with IT automation, we put together 12 of our most successfully implemented Evergreen IT automation strategies that have prevented thousands of support tickets from ever being created, accelerated Windows 10 upgrades by 60%, and more. 

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IT Automation Business Case Template

Download our business case template to create an outstanding presentation that will not only help you get buy-in with executive management but will also increase your chances of budget approval.

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Access Capture Release Notes

Stay up-to-date with the latest Access Capture releases, features, and bug fixes by subscribing to our release notes notifications.

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