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Providing The Best Technology Experience For Your Remote Workforce

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 85% of office staff in the United States are working remotely. After the initial scrambling to get all their employees equipped with devices, the relief many organizations felt after enabling all employees to work from home was tangible.

But months into this global health crisis, cracks are quickly emerging. Despite more time being spent in critical business applications, employee productivity has decreased by 14%. Applications running on in-house data centers or files having to be downloaded to the remote device are slowing down workers significantly. In addition, IT issues are increasingly frustrating, eating away at productivity and support team capacity.

Consequently, the focus is now shifting to defining a robust "Work-From-Anywhere" strategy aiming to provide employees with the best end user technology experience possible. Empowering your employees to self-diagnose and fix the vast majority of common IT issues themselves, as well as giving them more responsibility for the heath, performance, and stability of their device is crucial in making any Work-From-Home strategy work successfully. 

"Work From Anywhere" — Empowered.

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Higher Productivity

Recent studies have shown that remotely working employees lose 14% of productivity despite working longer. With Access, you cannot only prevent productivity loss, but boost productivity.

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Always In Control

Whether your employees are online or offline, you are always in control. Remotely lock or restart a device, force or defer updates, fix IT issues and security vulnerabilities, and much more.

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Better User Experience

Users like to be in charge of their own devices. With Access, they can take responsibility for their device's health, performance, and stability — while having the best EUX possible.


Cost Savings

Successful Work-From-Anywhere management results in a variety of hard and soft cost savings, e.g., by eliminating up to 75% of support tickets, device cost savings, and license savings. 

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Live Chat

Allow your employees to utilize chatbots powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services as well as Live Chat to get the help they need.


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Pre-Loaded & Custom Fix Repository

Empower your users to fix IT issues with a click of a button by running more than 100 out-of-the-box standard fixes plus your own custom fixes. 


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End User Training

Provide customized guidance, instructions, and different testing scenarios after an upgrade to train your users indirectly or directly.

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Self-Service IT Fixes

All your employees need comes with a click of a button, e.g., fixes embedded in a knowledge base article, Skype chat, or in a chatbot.


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Personalized Scorecard & Recommendations

Empower your employees to maintain and improve their device's health, stability, and performance with personalized recommendations & scorecards.


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End User Signoff

Walk your users through different scenarios after an upgrade to confirm everything works as expected and without any issues.

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Knowledge Base

Empower your users to fix occurring issues by providing help articles with embedded fixes in an easy to search knowledge base.


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System Health & Stability Improvements

Practice rigorous automated hygiene by setting thresholds for KPIs (e.g., CPU usage) and push notifications incl. specific recommendations to users.



Access Symphony Professional (Remote)

Start Managing Your Remote Workers Today

Empowering your remote workers is easy. Access Symphony Professional (Remote) can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of the Access Symphony Platform on a subscription license or perpetual based license. It requires no additional infrastructure investments.

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