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Digital Workspaces With Virtualized Apps Are The New Personal Computers. CAPTURE Can Help You Get There.

According to the Citrix Business Technographics Survey, 25% of global information workers work from home at least one day a week, 18% work from a client site weekly, and 13% work while traveling at least weekly. But how do you create an environment that allows your employees to get convenient and fast access to their data and applications without exorbitant requirements on storage and networks? 

With stateless VDI, end users log into a desktop built from a globally-controlled master image that can be easily controlled, updated, and backed up by IT. It is also more secure than personal desktops, as users cannot change any personal settings or install new apps, and you can wipe the image clean in case of a malicious attack. Storage requirements are also minimal as all data is accessed remotely as it is stored on separate, cost-effective hardware. 

Stateless VDI might be the answer and CAPTURE can help you get there. 

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Why Stateless VDI Needs Automation


Application Virtualization

Lots of organizations want to adopt non-persistent VDI but struggle with virtualizing their apps. CAPTURE automates this process completely for you.


Virtual Desktop Pools

CAPTURE enables you to easily and securely create pools of similarly configured, virtual desktops while ensuring security roles and authorization.


Manage Virtual Resources

If a virtual desktop or application isn't needed at the moment, CAPTURE will enable you to automatically wipe them clean or kill them off to preserve resources. 


Lower Footprint. More Control. 

CAPTURE Is An Enabler Of Digital Workplaces

While non-persistent VDI holds many benefits for companies, many IT organizations struggle to implement it. You cannot create digital workplaces by simply buying one technology, but rather by composing an optimized stack of tools based on the individual needs. 

Access CAPTURE is an enabler for creating an optimized digital workplace environment. By automatically packaging, testing, and virtualizing your apps, you know you are providing your end users with an environment in which they can be as productive and secure as possible.

In addition, CAPTURE can spin up, wipe clean, or kill off pools of virtual desktops, create notification workflows including username, password and URL of the virtual machine, and much more. 

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