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Technology teams are under enormous pressure to enable and deliver Digital Transformation initiatives while also ensuring that the organization's IT is agile, stable, and secure. With technology changing at an ever-increasing pace, your technology team will be faster and more efficient if they have all the available tools and insights they need to do their jobs at their disposal rather than constantly having to go back and forth with IT. 

Access IT Automation's Enterprise Service Management solution for technology teams transforms their impact, speed, and delivery, e.g., by providing your team with self-service IT fix repositories that not only allow your resources to self-diagnose an issue and execute a fix at a click of a button, but also give them the ability to indirectly train and sign off after an upgrade. Ultimately, this means your more centralized IT will provide amazing services, increase end-user productivity, and achieve new insights with a modern service management solution.

Modern Workplaces Are Empowered.

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Higher Productivity

As your endpoint performance, system stability, and speed improves, your employees experience less downtime resulting in higher productivity and fewer costly distractions.


Reduce Tickets/Issues

By empowering your end users to take responsibility for their devices and technology, you can prevent the majority of help desk tickets from being created and fix IT issues when they start.

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Centralized IT

While it seems like you are handing over power to the end users, by providing them the tools they want, IT is becoming the center of gravity that facilitates everything.

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Evergreen IT

By making your end users active participants in your Evergreen IT management, they willingly support and assist you. This improves the hygiene, stability, and health of your IT.

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IT Ticket Automation

Avoid up to 75% of tickets and see a significant decrease in help desk cost, ticket turnaround time, and staff requirements.


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Pre-Loaded & Custom Fix Repository

Let your tech team fix issues with a click of a button by running more than 20 out-of-the-box standard fixes plus your own fixes. 


Icons_Personalized Scorecard & Recommendations

Personalized Scorecard & Recommendations

Empower your employees to maintain and improve their device's health, stability, and performance with personalized recommendations & scorecards.


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Live Chat

Allow your employees to utilize chatbots powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services as well as Live Chat to get the help they need.

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Everything your tech team needs at a click of a button, e.g., fixes embedded in a knowledge base article, Skype chat, or in a chatbot.


Icon_Proactive Issue Resolution

Proactive Issue Resolution

Automatically apply proactive patches or reactive self-healing fixes to ring-fence and eliminate problems within seconds.


Icon_Smart Targeting For Faster Issue Resolution

Smart Targeting For Faster Issue Resolution

Facilitate more targeted updates or fixes by pinpointing specific endpoints, users, Active Directory queries, UX monitoring alarms, and CMDB databases.


Icon_End User Training

End-User Training

Provide customized guidance, instructions, and different testing scenarios after an upgrade to train your users indirectly or directly.

Icons_Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Empower your tech team to fix occurring issues by using help articles with embedded fixes in an easy-to-search knowledge base.


Icon_Reactive Issue Resolution

Reactive Issue Resolution

Identify, target, and resolve IT issues as quickly as possible by applying patches and fixes manually or automatically.


Icons_System Health & Stability Improvements

System Health & Stability Improvements

Practice rigorous automated hygiene by setting thresholds for KPIs (e.g., CPU usage) and push notifications incl.  specific recommendations to users.


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End-User Signoff

Walk your users through different scenarios after an upgrade to confirm everything works as expected and without any issues.

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