Smart Automation + Actionable Insight = Real-time Benefits

The pressure is on for technology teams. They must enable and often drive forward Digital Transformation initiatives and ensure the organization's technical agility, stability, and security — all while keeping the lights on. Oftentimes, this has to be accomplished with stagnant or even reducing resources and budget! Automation is the key to getting it all done.

Access IT Automation's solution portfolio for technology teams is doing just that by providing your employees with the ability to discover, package, test, and release their own applications, monitor for and fix any common IT issues proactively and reactively, receive valueable insights and real-time notifications and alerts about any changes (e.g., exceeding of a pre-set threshold), and much more. 


Application Management

With Access IT Automation's Application Management Solution for Technology, you can use the power of automation, as well as the scalability and repeatability of sophisticated smart workflows, to create packages and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to build your CORE build applications or allow vendors to package business applications — drastically reducing the time, resources, and budget required to test and package applications. This frees you up to allocate them to projects that contribute to your organization's bottom line.


Technology_Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management

Access IT Automation's Enterprise Service Management solution for technology teams transforms their impact, speed, and delivery, e.g., by providing your team with self-service IT fix repositories that not only allow your resources to self-diagnose an issue and execute a fix at a click of a button, but also give them the ability to indirectly train and sign off after an upgrade. Ultimately, this means your more centralized IT will provide amazing services, increase end-user productivity, and achieve new insights with a modern service management solution.


Hero Image Vector_Testing Management

Testing Management

Access Capture provides you with the scalability and repeatability of sophisticated smart workflows that allow you to quickly and easily carry out smoke testing, performance testing, CORE applications testing, and user experience testing. You can also automatically run quality assurance (non-functional) testing as well as certify hundreds of apps in one clip, leaving only those applications that require further manual intervention.



Remote Training

Train your technology team employees to use the new features whenever you push an upgrade into your environment. For example, offer your employees a drop-down sheet every time they log on after a new Windows 10 upgrade. Walk them through the most important features and have them try everything out.

Once they successfully complete a step, they sign off that the functionality worked. This happens in a non-obtrusive way, so the employees often don't even know they are signing off on functionality. In addition, you can collect any occurring issues automatically and early on. 


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