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Train Your End Users & Manage Sign-Off Automatically

Training and sign-off are important elements of wrapping up IT Transformation projects or Evergreen IT cycles. However, floorwalkers aren't as effective as the employees need them to be. This often results in employees not utilizing new productivity features or, in the worst case scenario, resisting upgrades. In addition, should something not work in the new environment, end users prefer to fix it themselves or create a work-around before calling support. These issues only increase in a remote work environment, resulting in security vulnerabilities, higher licensing costs, and increased maintenance and IT complexity.

However, all this can be avoided by carefully and intelligently training your employees whenever you push an upgrade into your environment. For example, offer your employees a drop-down sheet every time they log on after a new Windows 10 upgrade. Walk them through the most important features and have them try everything out. This indirectly trains your end users on how to use the new features. Once they successfully complete a step, they sign off that the functionality worked. This happens in a non-obtrusive way, so the employees often don't even know they are signing off on functionality. In addition, you can collect any occurring issues automatically and early on. 

"Work From Anywhere" — Empowered.

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Higher Productivity

Recent studies have shown that remotely working employees lose 14% of productivity despite working longer. With Access, you can not only prevent productivity loss, but boost productivity.

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Always In Control

Whether your employees are online or offline, you are always in control. Remotely lock or restart a device, force or defer updates, fix IT issues and security vulnerabilities and much more.

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Better User Experience

Users like to be in charge of their own devices. With Access, they can take responsibility for their device's health, performance, and stability — while having the best EUX possible.


Cost Savings

Successful Work-From-Anywhere management results in a variety of hard and soft cost savings, e.g., by eliminating up to 75% of support tickets, device cost savings, and license savings. 

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End-User Training

Indirectly train your end users each upgrade! Users get invited via drop sheet to explore new features using an easy-to-use wizard-driven walk-through guide.


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Application Rollout

Use Access Sign-Off as part of your application testing and rollout to have users automatically confirm their application configuration or new application versions and features work as expected.


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End-User Sign-Off

As your end users explore new functionality after an upgrade or rollout, they can automatically confirm that everything works as expected and without any issues.


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Machine Rollout

Enable your end users to sign-off that their new physical or virtual machine has all their apps installed and all personalization (drive mappings, favorites, and printers etc.) works as expected.

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AI-Driven Live Chat

Enable your users to carry out their sign-off process faster and more efficiently with a smart chat bot based on Microsoft's AI and Cognitive Services.


Access Sign-Off

Start Training Your Remote Workers Today

Empowering your remote workers is easy. Access Sign-Off can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of the Access Symphony Platform on a subscription license or perpetual based license. It requires no additional infrastructure investments. 

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