Workflow-Driven Evergreen IT Testing For Technology Teams

Quick & Easy Testing Is Essential For Evergreen IT Management

Technology teams are under enormous pressure to enable and deliver Digital Transformation initiatives while also ensuring that the organization's IT is agile, stable, and secure. With technology changing at an ever-increasing pace, technology teams have to test more frequently and earlier than ever before. However, due to budget freezes or cuts, this often has to be accomplished with stagnant or even reducing resources and budget! The only way to keep up the pace is by utilizing automation and enabling technology teams to do as much of the testing themselves.

Access Capture provides you with the scalability and repeatability of sophisticated smart workflows that allow you to quickly and easily carry out smoke testing, performance testing, CORE applications testing, and user experience testing. You can also automatically run quality assurance (non-functional) testing as well as certify hundreds of apps in one clip, leaving only those applications that require further manual intervention.

Accelerate & Improve Development

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Significantly Faster

Empower your technology team to perform their own testing to significantly accelerate your deployment timeline as this cuts down on the back-and-forth and waiting periods. 


Hard & Soft Savings

By doing all the testing yourself, you can not only save budget and time, you are also free to test earlier and more frequently which results in accelerated deployment.

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Approved By IT

Because all testing is evidence-based, properly documented, and enforces internal IT policies and guidelines, IT can rest assured that all tests done are according to standards.

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Evergreen IT

Faster technology change requires more frequent app testing to be successful. To achieve that, technology teams needs to be allowed to perform their own testing.

Icon_Application Smoke Testing (Evergreen)

Application Smoke Testing (Evergreen)

Detect app failures in preliminary tests to determine the future of applications, e.g., quickly and easily checking Windows 10 or Office 365 capabilities for the most important functionality.


Icon_Application QA (Non-Functional Testing)

Application QA (Non-Functional Testing)

Ensure an application installs, opens, functions, closes, and uninstalls properly by doing quality assurance yourself without the constant back-and-forth.

Icon_App Performance Testing (Evergreen)

App Performance Testing (Evergreen)

Just because an application works, doesn't mean it performs. By testing CPU / memory usage and other performance KPIs, you will ensure your app won't inhibit your "Modern Desktop" vision.


Icon_User Experience Testing (UXT)

User Experience Testing (UXT)

Your technology team can now test applications under realistic working conditions to ensure that the apps work alongside other apps with evidence-based, low footprint UXT.

Icon_App Certification Testing (Evergreen)

App Certification Testing (Evergreen)

Quickly and easily certify which of your applications works without issues in the new environment. This allows you to determine which apps will require further testing or even intervention.



CORE Application Testing

Enable your teams to put code onto VMs for testing and install code on throwaway VMs prior to sending apps to packaging or packaging them themselves.


Access Capture Enterprise

Empower Your Technology Team Today

Empowering your technology team is easy. Access Capture Enterprise can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of the Access Capture Platform on a subscription license or perpetual based license. It requires no additional infrastructure investments. 

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