Eliminate Bottlenecks From Your Windows 10 Deployment 

Application Discovery And Compatibility Testing Are Major Hurdles When It Comes To Rolling Out Windows 10.

On average, an enterprise Windows 10 migration touches more than 1,500 apps. Despite the fact that Windows 10 has fewer compatibility issues than previous Windows versions, all of your apps need to be tested and most likely repackaged. This often can become a major bottleneck — stalling the rollout progress.

Access CAPTURE allows non-technical product owners to discover, package and test applications easily and quickly using an automated end-to-end workflow which always results in stable and reliable outcomes. This reduces the time required to package an app from several days to just a few minutes.

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Why Automate Your Windows 10 Deployment


50% Less Headcount Required

By automating tedious and time-consuming application management tasks with Access CAPTURE, you can free up 50% of your headcount to other tasks.


Windows Branching Updates

With new Windows 10 versions coming every 6 months instead of every 3-4 years, enterprises must use automation to be able to keep pace with the new velocity of change.


End User Happiness

By leveraging Access Symphony, you can communicate with and train thousands of end users, fix any issues before they become larger problems and ensure client happiness. 


Automate End Point Management

Windows 10 Deployment Comes With Thousands Of Tedious And Time-Consuming Tasks — That Can Be Automated!

After your apps have been successfully packaged and tested, you can use Access Symphony to communicate, control, or reboot thousands of end points with a touch of a button or deploy fixes to targeted devices — just to name a few use cases.

The possibilities are endless with this IT automation solution. But with regards to your Windows 10 deployments, Symphony, for example, allows you to minimize the number of created help desk tickets by walking users through a wizard pre-loaded with the most common fixes, or you can ask your end users to sign off on a successful deployment by testing all relevant configurations. 

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