AccessAppScanWondering which applications in your estate could be more easily moved onto a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) than others but don't want to run them through a whole lengthy and costly app compatibility testing cycle? Meet Access AppScan, our new light-weight app suitability testing tool!

It essentially explodes an application out into all its different components and registry settings (e.g., Java or DLLS). This allows you to search through the components or composites across different apps and run more complex reporting.

Unlike other app compatibility tools, AppScan is easy to use, intuitive and runs very quickly. It hardly requires any configuration and can be hosted either online (as a Web Service running on Microsoft Azure) or be implemented as an on-premise application. It can be utilized as a stand-alone product or as part of a manual process or an automated Access Capture workflow. If you are using it in conjunction with Access Capture, you would first upload or create an MSI and then run AppScan to check for VDI suitability as part of your discovery.

IT Transformation Managers, IT Migration Managers, or your Application Packaging team can simply self-service this functionality once AppScan is pointed at their app repository. If there is no central repository, they can also upload the MSI in question by using a wizard-driven, step-by-step workflow to find out if the application has boot time services, has no shortcuts, and meets other criteria that would impact its suitability.

Benefits of Access AppScan

Being able to look at the intricacies of a specific app provides you with valuable insight into whether or not a particular app is suitable for AppV or AppVolumes based on simple criteria. For example, you can compare which applications are using the same or similar or overlapping components, and you can discover mismatches of versions that could clash and potentially cause application compatibility problems. 

Imagine AppScan being like a Google search across your application components. One of the biggest applications of this knowledge would be testing for VDI suitability. Being able to search the content of your apps and look for individual settings or files, helps you determine and prioritize which apps can be rewritten first and which will require further attention or manual intervention. 

Because it can connect to IT Transformation Management platforms, such as Juriba Dashworks, Lakeside Software SysTrack, Microsoft SCCM or other systems like proprietary Change Management Databases (CMDB), it is very versatile and actionable as it can feed the discovered information back into those systems. 

The output can be an Excel export or, if used in conjunction with our strategic advisory services, a comprehensive PDF report containing recommendations on app packaging prioritization as well as VDI suitability for your target environment. 

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Transforming The Way Your Organization Approaches App Suitability Testing!

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